About Josue Sanchez Dumey… Facetune

As a Media Relations professional I will use my creativity, integrity and leadership, to influence the masses  towards a more informational future and help shape culture with a positive force loyal to the ethics.

My name is Josue Sanchez Dumey, or better known as JOS DUMEY, and I am human. I am an island soul living in Florida who uses coffee as my everyday-motor while working, taking dips in the ocean and sharing dreams with my dog. I am a social media enthusiast, with a powerful backbone in photography and film for they have been my childhood passion. I am currently making my Masters in Media Relations with a focus on Public Relations in order to clash both passions and create a bigger one. 

The dreams and passions stored within hearts are powerful keys which can unlock a wealth of potential.

– John C. Maxwell

Over the years,  I have been taking courses in order to harden my skills in all areas I would like to excel properly in future years. I have taken courses in business management, digital cinematography, leadership, public relations, mass communications, photography, creative writing, film editing and now media relations.  Through all of that I’ve been working in the world of retail maximizing my skills in selling, leadership and creativity. 

As for now I own various awards in Leadership, coaching and selling skills. I am moving forward to having some of writing works being published, as my first book ever wrote was published for kids between Kindergarten and 2nd grade in the High School where I studied in Puerto Rico. I am also in the works of beginning my journey in the Media Environment as a practitioner where I know I will excel and maximize all my skills I have learned throughout these years. 

A bit of (his)tory…

I was born in Puerto Rico many years ago to a very loving and  conservative family who pushed and supported me in all my decision through life. In 2010, I finished my bachelor’s degree in Cooperative studies which I have to thank for shaping my knowledge in business and team management.  After that I began taking courses in Digital Cinematography in order to scratch the itch I had for years of wanting to follow my dreams.  In 2014 I moved away from Puerto Rico to Florida in order to keep growing and climbing the steps towards my own success.  As of recently, I am finishing my Master’s Degree in the Southern New Hampshire University with a major in Public Relations.  What’s my goal? you might ask yourself. 

My goal is to utilize all the skills I have learned throughout the years and become a prospective leader in the media industry who can stand besides his company that does everything from commercial advertising to movie advertising.