Let’s talk about: How can I keep my social media up to corporate standards? (applicant’s)

As I’ve mentioned in past posts there isn’t a lot of information regarding what can an applicant do to not have their job opportunity rejected by something found in its social media. But I will share with you a table taken from Jacob Davidson (2014) article:  The 7 Social Media Mistakes Most Likely to Cost You a Job.  It is important that every applicant read this so later they can audit their own profile and strive away from having information that recruiters might find negative.

Davidson (2014) referenced by Jobvite.

Davidson (2014) also argues that even though LinkedIn is used for searching accuracy between resume and actual experience; Facebook is used for brand showcasing and connections. Another important “tip” for applicants it would be: Google your name once a month. This is important because all recruiters might do it if they don’t find the applicant’s profile in LinkedIn or Facebook.  Google will show results whether they are positive or negative, which is why the importance of googling yourself. This way you can monitor what it’s showcased online about your brand and take down everything that’s negative. At the same time, if nothing pops-up under your name, it’s about time to get out there and start showcasing your brand. Remember, not having anything exposed about you, creates a doubt of how active you are in connections and sharing information. Just as Fernando Ramirez (2014) supports,  recruiters evaluate your social media profiles, so its important to present the best digital selves if you are seeking for new career opportunity.

Tell me what you think! Do you support fully this fact? Don’t be shy and comment below!

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Ramirez, F. (9, October, 2014). Social Media Screening: a Candidate’s Perspective. E-Recruiter. Retrieved from: https://www.recruiter.com/i/social-media-screening-a-candidates-perspective/

Davidson, J. (16, October, 2014). The 7 Social Media Mistakes Most Likely to Cost You a Job. Money Magazine. Retrieved from: http://time.com/money/3510967/jobvite-social-media-profiles-job-applicants/


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