Let’s talk about: E-recruiting & Applicants

I’ve spent a good amount of time talking about how corporate companies are dealing with a new hiring method called: E-recruiting. All of us that have had a job from 2005 up till now has been ( or most-likely so) a part of the e-recruiting process. But when social media becomes a method of investigation for many companies to verify if the candidate is appropriate for the work environment, siren alarms go in our head. Most of the users post or share information online that suits their interest and mainly create a conversation with others. It is a space that each user has molded to its liking and a place where you can express whatever you want because, after all, its your personal space. But is it really that personal? Every each user has different opinion to how personal or impersonal social media is. In my terms I would answer this question with this:


Social Media is as personal as the user makes it


When we talk about our profiles in Social Media, we are talking about our own brand whether it’s personal or not. It is personal because it heightens the singularity and difference of the brand in comparison to others. It is also personal, because it’s all about the user not about many other users (Jeske and Shultz, 2016).   Using this as base we can see how personal social media is. Now, privacy is another word and it’s one that all users should put aside when dealing with social media. Privacy and personal should not be confused as the same. Jeske and Shultz (2016) argue that privacy is the claim of individuals or groups to determine for themselves when and how the information about themselves should be communicated to others.  Social media has turned daily life into a social convergence mixing up in the profiles work and life outside of work. Hence blurring the lines of what is private and what is not.  Although  privacy in social media is as private as the user makes it, keeping it all the way private seems to also be a problem (Jacob Davidson, 2014).  It seems like hiding away too much also speaks up as if posting “bad” information. It is important that those people searching for the user find something that pleases their investigation method.
Jacob Davidson (2014) argues that 9 out of 10 companies are using social media in their hiring process. This means that the hiring process has evolved entirely to online with only 1 company of 10 doing traditional hiring.  Just look at this charts offered by Fernando Ramirez (2014) where it is evident the use of different social media profiles for hiring.

Ramirez (2014)
Ramirez (2014)


As you can all see, hiring through social media keeps coming back with positive feedback making more and more companies join the bandwagon in hopes to find the best candidates.  How much of the information we share is available to companies depends on the user and the type of information it wants to share. So now, go to your profile and see if it has a balance of personal and professional space. See how much of it is accurate and how much helps you give a positive brand look. After that, come back to my blog and see the next the post where I mention what can you do to NOT be rejected by hiring companies.


⇒⇒⇒Want to know more? Here, follow my references⇐⇐⇐

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Featured Image: PIXABAY

Do you have information you would like to share? Do you have any experience where you have been part of e-recruiting? Good or bad? Come on and comment. Don’t be shy!



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