Looking for a J-O-B? 

Online branding is very important and we all represent our branding through our social media platforms. One Social Media platform that is used for JOB HUNTING and Recruting is LinkedIn. This platform is used by many recruiters to find prospect applicants in order to turn them into employees. But it doesn’t end there, companies also use Facebook and Twitter to see how’s the social life of each applicant and how would they fit into the culture of their corporation. 

Now, before you go crazy and start changing your profile to a more “serious” one, there’s one word that should stick like glue: Digital Self-Branding. Which is a strategic marketing way where users exhibit an individual professional persona. You are your own brand, know this! As you go posting online your favorite shoe brand, your great friends, the best food you’ve eaten or the best place you’ve traveled you are exhibiting a side of you. Your audience (followers) is being captivated by this persona; is as if you are selling your personality. After all, we all like getting “likes” and this way we can demonstrate how interesting we are (our brand is) to our audience. “Likes” increase the chances of getting more followers and more followers demonstrate how strong is your brand. At the same time it shows how good you are in marketing yourself whether you do it intentionally or not. So, the first you should do is: Overhaul your online brand. You need to do it if you want to look professional and gain a positive reputation. 

Once you know how to brand yourself digitally in a responsible way then you can go and change your profiles so they are up to date and polished. Why should you do this? Because if you are trying to land your dream job it is most likely that some of the companies where you have applied have already searched for your social media profiles to see who you are professionally and personally.  Just take a look at this chart and see the popularity behind the social media’s used for e-recruiting. 

93% use LinkedIn to verify and from there on it falls between Facebook and Twitter. As you can see your profile is being viewed constantly if you are filling out applications for jobs. This is why your online self brand needs to be the best it can be. 

LinkedIn offers a list of how to make better use of their portal and overhaul your personal online brand. I’m sharing these with you all because, personally, I’ve followed all of this steps and it has helped me get to the right people in LinkedIn. 

So go ahead, polish your personal online brand first then start applying for jobs. Start by “googling” your name and see what pops up in the first two pages. Then go to your LinkedIn or create one profile. Get yourself out there, let your brand be known. You might never know who’s watching. After all not being in the “net” is seen as if trying to hide something. So, if you don’t want to share too much: be strategic and share what is important about you. 

Do you have your online brand polished? Does it look professional? What have you done differently? Let me know below and share your experience. 

Have a great Monday! 


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